Hotkeys for ‘MyLife Organized’ (An Excellent Task Outliner)

Does anyone on here use a Task Manager called ‘MyLife Organized’?
It’s a superb Task Manager with excellent support forums and very rapid development.
You should check it out here:

Here is a hotkey package I built for MLO, to add functionality to it’s impressive array of features. It has the following hotkeys/features:
Single shortcut to toggle MLO Open/Minimized [Win-C]
Rapid Task Entry Shortcut (opens MLO if necessary) [Win-N]
Rapid Task Entry Shortcut (opens MLO if necessary) [Win-N]
Copy/Paste highlighted text to new task in MLO Inbox [Alt-Win-C]
Quicker choosing of parent in Rapid Task Entry [Alt-Shift]
Synchronize a List of MLO files one after another [Win-F9]
Synchronize a List of MLO files Automatically (With Timer)
Toggle Outline Expanded/Collapsed (with exceptions) [Alt-Z]
Toggle Outline Expanded/Collapsed (First Level only) [Alt-X]
Toggle first Context On/Off [Ctrl-Q]
Toggle second Context On/Off [Ctrl-W]
Make Any Task Due Today [Ctrl-D]
Make Any Task Due Tomorrow [Ctrl-E]
Make Any Task Due This Week [Ctrl-T]
Make Any Task Due This Month [Ctrl-G]
Increase/Decrease Due Date for Recurring Tasks [Ctrl-Alt-+ Ctrl-Alt–]
Mark Task as Completed Yesterday [Alt-Space]
Complete a Task from the Reminders Window [Alt-Space]
Automatic Handling of MLO Confirmation Dialogs – press [Shift] to bypass
Automatic Reloading of the Script when you make any change
Please change the below settings in MLO or you’ll need to edit the script to use your ones:
Shortcut to open MLO: Ctrl-Alt-C
Shortcut for Rapid Task Entry: Ctrl-Alt-N
The Global hotkeys will only work if you change the paths at the top of the script to your MLO file location!

You also need to enter a list of MLO file names if you want to use the Multiple MLO file sync hotkey or timer.

I’ve made the global hotkeys with the windows key (they will work from any application)
Other hotkeys using Ctrl+Alt and are MLO specific.

Here is the link to where I posted it on the MLO forums: … 15e64fb24e
Here’s the download link (always up to date):

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